During my training to become a therapist, I was surprised to find how little education was offered regarding sexual issues. This leaves most therapists unable to address their clients’ problems of a sexual nature and further reinforces the client’s belief that their struggles are both unmentionable and too difficult to resolve. Often clients will leave traditional therapy feeling worse about themselves and their problems. It is my belief that sexuality is a crucial factor in enjoying life and that everyone can benefit from open and knowledgeable dialogues about sex. In order to help others achieve sexual satisfaction, I began my postgraduate training at The Johns Hopkins Hospital Sexual Behaviors Consultation Unit, in Baltimore, Maryland, where patients presented with a vast array of sexual issues and I then later attended Widener University’s Human Sexuality Studies Program to further my sex therapy education. During these years, I joined the National Institute for the Study, Prevention and Treatment of Sexual Trauma, in Baltimore, Maryland, providing individual, couples, family and group therapy for sexual matters.

For more than a decade, I considered it both my calling and privilege to help others resolve their sexual issues and live fuller, more pleasurable lives. As a sex therapist, I help my clients enhance their sexual functioning through education, personal exploration and understanding of relationship skills building, resulting in greater confidence and comfort with their sexual expression. For those who are experiencing out of control sexual behavior, I bring an attitude of curiosity, as you work together to understand and set appropriate boundaries.

It is my goal to create an atmosphere of compassion and acceptance, empowering clients to overcome the sexual issues that trouble them. For many, I am the first person with whom they have shared their most private and intimate issues and they feel great relief after finally finding someone who understands their struggles and offers help without judgment.