Having served as an Assistant State’s Attorney for Baltimore County, Maryland, Kim Yost prosecuted individuals charged with crimes of a sexual nature and considers her legal training and criminal trial experience to inform both her forensic evaluations and testimony in court.  Early in her career as a sex therapist, Kim Yost had the privilege of training with Fred S. Berlin, M.D., a renowned  forensic expert in the treatment of sex offenders.  Later as lead therapist under Dr. Berlin at the National Institute for the Study, Prevention and Treatment of Sexual Trauma, in Baltimore, Maryland, Kim Yost provided forensic evaluations and treated patients with sexual disorders.

Kim Yost, having relocated to Nashville in 2017, provides objective, comprehensive, and thorough psychosexual assessments for individuals charged with a sexual crime, including pre-plea and pre-sentence sex offender evaluations, as well as sex offender evaluations for probation.

These evaluations outline the individual’s mental disorder(s), a prognosis regarding the estimated risk to sexually re-offend, treatment amenability, possible mitigating factors, and other recommendations as appropriate and contain test results and diagnosis, when applicable. The following areas are also investigated in psychosexual evaluations: mental status exam, psychobiosocial history, sexual developmental history, sexual arousal patterns and interest, paraphilic disorders, personality pathology and strengths, level of deception, denial, minimization and use of justifications, acceptance of responsibility and accountability for behavior, mental disorder and relevant prior mental health history, drug and alcohol use, recent maladaptive behavior, level of violence and coercion, motivation and amenability for treatment, high-risk behaviors, protective factors, level of treatment and supervision needed.