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Psychotherapy Therapy is a process that allows us to explore our thoughts, emotions, and needs in a safe and supportive atmosphere. The process of psychotherapy is one that can allow us to feel differently, think differently and act differently. Read the Full Story
Sex Therapy and Sex Coaching Dr. Lisa Beavers is an AASECT certified sex therapist which means the American Association of Sexuality Educators Counselors and Therapists has certified her as a therapist and an educator to specialize in areas of sexuality. Read the Full Story
Couples and Relational Therapy Our work with couples and those in relationships focuses on how to create a healthy and emotionally safe relationship. Read the Full Story
Gender Therapy   Dr. Lisa specializes in the area of gender development and in working with people whose identities lie all along the gender spectrum. These services may or may not include working with families, working toward goals of transition or dealing with the topic of transitioning and sexual relationships. Read the Full Story
Psychotherapy Groups, Growth Groups and Psycho-educational Groups Group therapy is an exciting and effective way to deal with interpersonal issues you may be experiencing. Read the Full Story

Private Practice and Therapeutic Services

Individuals - All Ages Sex Addiction
Relationship/Relational Substance Addiction
Couples Porn Addiction
Families Sex Coaching
Sexuality and Pregnancy Sex Therapy
Group Therapy Sex Pain
Sexuality and Development Disabilities Tantra
Premature Ejaculation GLBT
Elderly Sex Better Sexual Health
Sexual Dysfunction or Disorder Depression

Nashville Gender and Sexuality Center

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